Germany – rich and the most populous country of the European Union

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Federal Republic of Germany is a federal state consisting of 16 states. We can find it in the centre of Europe, among Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands and Denmark. It covers an area of ​​357,021 square kilometers, making it the second largest state in Europe. 82 million people means that Germany is the most populous state of the European Union. The capital of Germany is Berlin with 3.8 million inhabitants.

Cologne Cathedral - one of the best-known architectural monuments in Germany
Photo licensed under the Creative Commons, created by Jannis Andrija Schnitzer

Currently, Germany is trying to build a positive image in the world and attract such as many tourists to the country as possible. Most visitors are coming from Europe, USA and Asia. The most visited sites are North Rhine – Westphalia, Bavaria with the Alps, and Baden – Wuerttemberg. Beautiful vibrant cities, architectural treasures, nightlife, traditional customs and festivals. All of these (and much more) can be found in Germany.

In Germany you will find many restaurants offering from traditional dishes to international cuisine. It can be said that you can find restaurant where you get something good to eat, almost at every corner of Germany. You can have a dinner in a luxury restaurant, or in the modest Gasthof with a regular daily menu or just in the pub where you can taste a simple regional food together with the beer. If you are satisfied with service, it is customary to leave a tip of 5-10 percent of the price. Menus are usually visible at the entrance to the restaurant, so you can decide in advance to go there or not. Sometimes the restaurants have also an outdoor garden. Some restaurants serve lunch and dinner menus with several courses for one price. In German restaurants are separate rooms for smokers. If you just need something small to eat, you can go to bistros, pizzerias, cafes and fast foods.

The traditional German beverage is a beer. There is a plethora of brands and types of beer, but the most popular are Pilsner, wheat beer Weizenbier, Kölsch and Altbier. Germans sometimes mix the beer with lemonade and make it like the Alster or Radler. Berlin specialty is bright and light beer Berliner Weiße. Germany is also famous for its wine-growing areas along major rivers, which produces a unique Riesling or Silvaner. The popularity of wine in Germany is rising dramatically.

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