Netherlands – a country of windmills, tulips and water canals

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The Netherlands is a country of all the seasons. Although it is infinitely flat, it is never dull and boring. Those, who choose to visit Netherlands in winter, will see frozen lakes that are perfect invitation for “Skating feast” not just for kids. Spring is mainly an attraction for lovers of flowers. In the period from mid-April to late May you can see a huge kaleidoscope of colors in the area between Haarlem and Leiden.

Kinderdijk, Netherlands
Photo licensed under the Creative Commons, created by Jack Versloot

In the summer you can enjoy sandy beaches along the North Sea. If you are planning a holiday by the sea, be sure to book a hotel in advance. Lakes, reservoirs and canals create ideal conditions for water sports. E.g. sailing is a very common and popular enjoyment here. During spring and summer the flowers are just about everywhere.

The Netherlands is divided into 12 provinces and include also a set of Caribbean islands – Netherlands Antilles and the independent island of Aruba. Although the Netherlands is a small country, it offers many interesting places. E.g. windmills – certainly every one of us has heard about them. However from the several thousands of them, only less than a thousand survived.

Cities and their surroundings are full of cultural and historical monuments, ancient buildings and museums. Near the towns there are parks suitable for a bike or roller skating. Those more adventurous can take advantage of water reservoirs and rivers and experience firsthand with sailing and windsurfing on the largest lake in the country Ijsselmeer. Hiking is probably the most ideal way to combine an active holiday with sightseeing.

The coast are beautiful as well. After a tide there are hundreds of small and large treasures from the seabed lying on the beaches. It is difficult to recommend a place or location, which would be best. The main point is that regardless of where you are and how you arrived, you are welcomed by nice and helpful people.

What is the best known in the Netherlands? Fantastic fields of tulips and other flowers. Colourful markets offer great cheese directly from their producers that still wear traditional costumes. Ticking clogs, windmills ….. famous painter Vincent van Gogh and Rembrandt and Amsterdam.

Amsterdam is a city where you can find dozens of museums, tourist boats filling the canals, grinding of diamonds, coffeshops at each corner. Another Dutch city of Rotterdam is Europe’s largest port. The city boasts modern architecture and offers views of the city from the air – from well-known, 185 meters high, Euromast tower. Utrecht is a historic town dominated by the Dom Church with tower reaches a height of 112 meters.

When visiting the country you should not miss the fishing village at the IJsselmeer – the largest lake in Western Europe. In addition, the towns of Edam and Alkmaar, which are famous for their cheese markets and the small town of Delft which is famous for producing the famous Delft pottery.

There are also several theme and amusement parks in Netherlands.

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  1. Ennesus says:

    If someone wants to visit the Netherlands they must visit Amsterdam,
    In the capital(and elsewhere across the country)you can buy weed at a shop, make sure you try that once

    Greetings from the Netherlands

  2. admin says:

    Hi, of course Amsterdam is one of the best places. I heard lot about the unique coffe-shops :) I will add the article about Amsterdam as well.

  3. Elise says:

    Holland is not about Amsterdam nor the coffee shops.
    Who comes only for that is or too rich or too small minded.

    tulips come from Turkey! they were stolen by the Dutch. do your homework, Admin :P

    go visit Groningen or Drenthe, where they got culture and nature!
    (but that’s just my opinion. I’m 21 so you just decide for yourself)

    have a nice stay in my beautiful country! :)

    -x- Elise

  4. Amazing Netherlands. I have heard much Amsterdam. So many places to visit there. Wish i could go on a travel to Europe someday soon. Thanks for sharing.


  5. Guys, Amsterdam, windmills, tulips are badges of NL, however there are much more (almost unknown yet) beautiful places of Netherlands – Openluchtmuseum, Maastricht old town, Hoge Veluwe, etc.
    Nice suggestion for next articles.

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