Museum of Liptov Village – learn more about the folk architecture in Slovakia

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If you are travelling through the Liptov region in Slovakia, it is important to take the time to stop by and visit the Museum of Liptov Village. This is a very attractive landmark within the region and is known for housing a number of excellent collections of folk architecture.

Many of the small villages in the Liptov region date back to the 12th and 13th centuries. However, as a result of the construction of the important dam of Liptovská Mara which was needed in order to supply power to the growing demands of Slovakia, much of the region was flooded. In order to preserve as much of the history and culture of the region, many of the original buildings in the area were dismantled piece by piece and relocated to the Museum of Liptov Village.

Museum of Liptov Village, Slovakia
Museum of Liptov Village from outside by

It was back in 1991 when the Museum of Liptov Village first opened its doors to the public. Anyone who chooses to visit the area will find a number of buildings which date back to the 12th, 13th and even 17th centuries. One of the biggest attractions within the museum is a Romanesque church that was originally built back in the 12th-century and expanded over the next four centuries. There is also an old village school complete with a teacher’s apartment which can be found within the museum complex.

One of the most interesting aspects about the Museum of Liptov Village is that it also offers a training centre in order to teach visitors more about the history of the arts and crafts that were common to the Liptov region. Here, a visitor can learn how to weave, bobbin lace, metal work as well as leather-working. Furthermore, the artesian’s from the Liptov region are also known for their wicker and basket work as well.

Museum of Liptov Village - inside the house
Museum of Liptov Village – inside the house by

There are also a number of regular events that occur within the Museum of Liptov Village throughout the whole year. Any visitor to the Museum of Liptov Village will also note that there is a zoo on the premises which is dedicated to the farm and poultry life, which was a crucial part of those living within the Liptov region. For those who like horses, and would like to go riding, there is also a horse breeding farm which is situated within the museum as well.

All in all, the Museum of Liptov Village is one of the most unique museums not just in Slovakia, but also in all Europe. As a result, every year thousands of people make their way to the Museum of Liptov Village from all over Slovakia, Europe as well as the world.

Museum is located in Pribylina village and is open all year round. The basic admission is €3. For more information visit official site of Museum of Liptov Village (in Slovak only).

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