ZOO Bojnice – oldest and most popular zoo in Slovakia

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Zoo Bojnice in Slovakia

It was back in April 1955 when the ZOO of Bojnice first opened its doors to the public. The zoo is situated on a 42 hectare property and is home to more than 373 different animal species. Currently, there are close to 2000 individual animals currently living in the ZOO of Bojnice.

Located in the town of Bojnice, which is a well-known spot destination in Slovakia, the ZOO of Bojnice is considered to be not just the oldest zoo in the nation, but is also the most popular. Since it first opened its doors, the zoo has attracted more than 20 million visitors; which makes it the most popularly visited attractions in the region as well as in all of Slovakia.

Spread out throughout the ZOO of Bojnice there are a number of pavilions which are home to some of the more popular animals at the zoo including the monkeys, the elephants as well as the aquarium and reptile centers. There is also a children’s zoo which is located within the park, which was developed so that children visiting zoo can get up close and personal to some of the most popular animals that live in the zoo.

Located in the center of the zoo, there is a 7 metres tall observation tower which also doubles as a fun slide for children of all ages. Anyone who climbs up into the observation tower to see the surrounding zoo landscape, and slide down into a beautiful section of the ZOO of Bojnice which is filled with some of the tamest animals in the zoo.

For the most part, the ZOO of Bojnice consists of a forest, meadow as well as a natural area. Within these three distinct themed sections of the zoo, you’ll find a large variety of the different animals that call the place home. It is also important to point out, that there are several distinct locations located throughout the ZOO of Bojnice which are dedicated to its breeding programs. Matter fact, the ZOO of Bojnice currently participates in more than 25 different crucial breeding programs to help repopulate rare and endangered species.

All in all, anyone who chooses to visit the ZOO of Bojnice will definitely be glad that they did. While it only takes a day to wander through the zoo, thanks to the fact that it is also located within one of the most popular resort towns in Slovakia, you will be able to spend the rest of your vacation relaxing in some of the finest resorts that the country has to offer.

Adjacent to the ZOO there is Bojnice Fairytale Castle that you also should visit once you are in this great town.

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