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When it comes to the Alps, there are countless gorges that can be found throughout the entire mountain range. However many people consider one of the most beautiful and of course the longest gorges in the entire Alpine region to be none other than that of Liechtenstein Gorge.

Perhaps the biggest reason why the Liechtenstein Gorge has become so popular, is that it is one of the deepest and easily accessible ravines within the entire mountain region. While there are countless gorges that are just as deep, if not deeper, many of them are not as easily accessed.

Liechtenstein Gorge, Austria1
Liechtenstein Gorge, Austria by Heather (Gruber) Williams

It was back during the last Ice Age that towering glaciers more than 3000 meters above sea level sat above the location of the Liechtenstein Gorge. As the Ice Age came to an end and the glaciers began to recede and melt, the torrential water began to cut a narrow slit into the sides of the Alpine mountains as the water made its way to lower altitudes.

In many places, the Gorge is so narrow, and the walls are so tall that light is almost nonexistent within the Liechtenstein Gorge. Due to the dangers of crossing the Gorge, countless bridges have been built over the centuries to make access to the Liechtenstein Gorge much easier. Many of which can be accredited to the Prince of Liechtenstein who ruled over the region back in 1875.

A view from Liechtenstein Gorge, Austria
A view from Liechtenstein Gorge, Austria by Heather (Gruber) Williams

For hundreds of years the Liechtenstein Gorge has been attracting people from all over Europe and the world. Today, it is estimated that more than 10 million people from around the world have visited the awe-inspiring natural beauty of the Liechtenstein Gorge.

And while there are countless gorges and regain second be found throughout the Alpine region, not one of them has been visited as much over the centuries. Millions of people have made their way to Austria in order to walk the length of the Liechtenstein Gorge and stare in awe at its breathtaking beauty.

You can visit the gorge from early May to end of October, openning hours vary on the season and the basic admission is €4,50. For more information visit

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