Danube Delta in Romania – second largest delta in Europe

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Perhaps one of the most famous rivers in all of Europe is that of the Danube River. And although the river meanders its way through much of continent, it is in the nation of Romania, where one can find the Danube Delta where the river flows into the Black Sea.

The Danube Delta is considered to be the second largest Delta in all of Europe (just after Volga delta). It is also one of the most well preserved ecological destinations in the country. There are a number of lagoons, which can be found throughout the Delta region, including that of the 1015 square kilometres Razim-Sinoe Lagoon.

Danube Delta, Romania
Danube Delta, Romania by Acaro

Today, the Danube Delta consists of three main distributaries which includes the Sfântul Gheorghe, Sulina as well as the Chilia. There are also a number of large lakes that can be found within the area that includes the Dranov, Gorgova as well as the Roşu. Among them you will find many of the most fertile and picturesque marshes and lagoons that have made the Danube Delta one of the most popular destinations not just in Romania but also throughout the entire region of Europe.

Thanks to its location along the Black Sea, the area around the Danube Delta features a unique microclimate which results in one of the driest as well as sunniest areas in all of Romania. It is estimated that every year, there are more than 2500 hours of sunshine, which equates to roughly 70 days of clear blue skies. And although there are more than 400 millimetres a year of precipitation there are more than 1000 millimetres a year of evaporation. As a result, the year-round climate associated with the Danube Delta makes it a pristine destination in the country.

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    It seems that along with the visitors the birds are also enjoying the delta….

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