Seisenberg Gorge in Austria – admire the awe-inspiring beauty of this natural wonder

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Just outside the village of Weissbach which can be found in Salzburg, Austria one will find the 600 meter long Seisenberg Gorge (Seisenbergklamm). This 50 meter deep canyon was virtually inaccessible until woodcutter’s created a pathway through the gorge back in 1831. This was done, in order to make it easier to transport logs through the gorge; however, today it exists as the only means to access the deep ravine.

Seisenberg Gorge, Austria
Seisenberg Gorge, Austria by Aconcagua

For millennia, the Weissbach stream has been cutting its way through the gorge. Even long before reaches the ravine, it affords any visitor some of the most beautiful scenes of rapids and waterfalls as it meanders its way through the forest.

Due to the fact that the Weissbach stream can be extremely torrential during the spring season as a result of thawing snow, access to the canyon is restricted from October to May. For the rest of the year the canyon along with the wooden stairways that take you down into the depths of the Seisenberg Gorge are open to the public.

It can take you more than 30 minutes to walk the length of the Seisenberg Gorge; and that is only if you choose not to stop and admire the awe-inspiring beauty of this natural wonder. However, it is important to point out that there is no other exit out the other side, so you will have to walk back the way you came.

Waters in Seisenberg Gorge, Austria
Waters in Seisenberg Gorge, Austria by vaka0627

While visiting the Seisenberg Gorge may not consume an entire day of your visit to Austria, you will find that nearby there is also the Vorderkaser Gorge which has been carved out by the Odenbach River. While not as long as the Seisenberg Gorge, the Vorderkaser is nonetheless deeper. There are also a number of lakes that can be found near the entrance of the gorge for those wanting to relax and take a swim.

Many of the people who make their way to the area to see the Seisenberg Gorge also take the time to stop by and check out the famous Lamprecht’s Cave which is considered one of the largest caves in the entire world which is entirely accessible by foot. But just remember, that you will need to bring a good pair of walking shoes because the way through the gorge can be rough and uneven.

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