Valley of the Butterflies in Greece, Rhodes

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Just outside of Rhodes, Greece, is where you will find the famous Valley of the Butterflies. It is a beautiful and picturesque valley that has been slowly carved away over millennia by a slow, almost trickling stream.

The very first moment that you step foot into the Valley of the Butterflies, you will be surrounded by countless species of butterflies. The most common species that can be found within the valley is that of the Callimorpha Quadripunctaria. This particular butterfly is attracted by the storax tree which can be found throughout the Valley.

Butterflies Valley, Greece
Butterflies Valley, Greece by Karelj

The storax tree itself produces a unique resin which has an odor similar to that of vanilla, and is most commonly used by the local churches in order to make frankincense. It is this same resin which also attracts the countless butterflies to the region.

During the months of July and August, millions of butterflies make their way to the Valley in order to find their mate and to breed. By September, the butterflies are ready to lay their eggs. The caterpillars, will finally cocoon towards the end of May and undergo metamorphosis to become butterflies shortly thereafter.

And although the butterflies then take off and go their own separate ways, they always return year after year to the Valley of the Butterflies; attracted purely by the aroma of the storax trees. Year after year, locals and people from all over the world also make their way to the Valley; attracted purely by the butterflies themselves.

Valley of the Butterflies, Greece
Valley of the Butterflies, Greece by dancing_triss

The Valley of the Butterflies is a natural part which is filled with numerous walkways, beautiful rivers and trickling streams which meander their way through the countryside, over rocks and every little corner of the Valley. There are rustic bridges, comfortable resting places as well as cafés and gift shops located throughout the area. Anyone who enters the Valley will immediately notice the old windmill near the gate as well as the Kalopetra Monastery.

There is a whole lot more to visiting the Valley of the Butterflies than just seemed butterflies. The region truly is a picturesque destination within Greece. For those who get tired of spending all day long sitting on the beaches, making your way into the interior of the island and checking out the Valley is a great way to add a whole new level to any trip.

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