Tropical Islands – Europe’s Largest Tropical Holiday World located near Berlin, Germany

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Aquapark, which is never closed! Capacity of over 6600 people! Its dome is so high that it could hide the Statue of Liberty, and is so long to hide lying Eiffel Tower! Does it seem impossible?

Bali Lagoon, Tropical Islands, Germany

Magnificent Tropical Islands water park can be found in Krausnick, Germany, about 60 km southeast of Berlin. It can accommodate over 6600 people at once and the fun can lasts without any interruptions as aquapark is never closed! Tropical Islands complex is open nonstop and offers also an overnight stay. You can sleep in cabins, tents or on a sun lounger on the beach.

It is suitable for the lovers of warm weather and water sports. The air temperature at the water park is about 30°C and the water in the lagoon has 32°C. It is ideal both for young people as well as families with children. You can meet here mothers with strollers, teenagers, but also pensioners who are coming here especially due to a wide selection of luxury saunas.

You can get warm in luxury and Europe’s largest sauna complex, which won the quality awards from Deutsche Saunabund (German Sauna Association).

Tropical Islands, Germany

Tropical Islands complex is built in a huge hall, which formerly belonged to the Soviet Air Force and was intended for production of airships. No airship, however, has been made here. The surrounding land and a hall have been bought for €17.5 million Euro by Malaysian company Tanjong, who turned a hall into the tropical park with rainforest, sandy beaches, a lagoon and the sea (large pool), waterfalls, whirlpools, saunas, water slides and other attractions.

The water in aquapark is perfectly clear and its quality is comparable to drinking water thanks to the latest technology of cleaning with ozone filtration. For hygiene reasons swimming pools are also made of stainless steel.


The rainforest is situated in the middle of the complex and the trail leading through it is nearly one kilometre long. While walking through the forest you can see many tropical and carnivorous plants, banana trees, coffee shrubs, and more. You can see a fish or water turtles in water. It is a pleasant walk. Rainforest in Tropical Islands has over 50 thousand trees, shrubs and plants.

Bali Lagoon

Romantic Bali lagoon, covering an area of ​​1200 square meters, offers ideal conditions for swimming and relaxation in the water with temperature of 32°C. Next to the lagoon are two minor children’s waterslides, two whirlpools, a waterfall or current canal. Bali Lagoon is beautifully illuminated at night and swimming is possible even at night.

If you decide to stay overnight at the Bali Lagoon be aware of the noisy waterfall that falls directly into the lagoon. For those who like a quiet night it is recommended to stay on the beach.

Sauna complex

Saunas are really amazing in the Tropical Islands. The entire sauna complex has 6 sections with different types of saunas. You can use a steam bath, dry sauna, spa baths or radiant heat rooms. Sauna complex also offers a wide range of massage treatments including traditional massage, Thai massage and healing mud baths.

Sauna Complex, Tropical Islands, Germany

Entry in all saunas and whirlpools is prohibited in swimsuit. It is recommended to move only with a towel or bathrobe throughout the sauna complex.

Tropical Sea

Tropical Sea (large pool) with its 28 °C, is four degrees colder than the water in the Bali lagoon. Around the sea is a beautiful sandy beach of fine sand. You can spread a blanket and sunbathe during sunny days, as the sunlight passes through the huge glass wall, so do not forget to take sunscreen with you. In the sea you can snorkel, swim with fins or play with a ball. The sea as well as the lagoon are not very deep.

Show, Tropical Islands, Germany

From the beach you can watch the evening shows that take place on the pier in the middle of the sea. The shows are organized every day from 19:00.

How much does it cost?

Two days and one night in the Tropical Islands water park costs €45 for one person (children have discounts). If you would like to enter also Sauna Paradise, it is better to buy combined ticket in the price of €37.50 + overnight charge of €15.00, plus there’s what you spend on food, drinks and souvenirs. Lunch or dinner costs in average €11 and a beer €3.20.

The tickets are sold only once here and it does not matter if you stay one day or a week. Each additional night spent in the complex will then costs €10. The parking space is free here as well as the shuttle service to railway station.

Camping Tipis,Tropical Islands, Germany

Camping at Tropical Islands

You can stay in the five-star camping at Tropical Islands which offers a view of aquapark, free shuttle bus service (however camping is right next to aquapark so in fact you will not need it). The advantage of camping is that you just need to pay one admission to Tropical Islands, every additional day is free.

For further information visit the official site of Tropical Islands

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