Serra da Estrela – the higest mountains in Portugal with a ski resort

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When it comes to visiting Portugal, there are many interesting destinations within the country to visit. If you are looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the overcrowded cities and make your way into the Portuguese countryside, then one destination that is sure to be at the top of your last is that of the Serra da Estrela Mountains.

The Serra da Estrela Mountains are the largest in all Portugal. One of the most interesting aspects about the mountain range is that its highest point is not a peak but rather it is a plateau. Known locally as the tower, the 1204 meter tall peak is fully accessible by vehicles virtually year-round.

Serra da Estrela, Portugal
Serra da Estrela, Portugal by ines saraiva

During the winter months, the Torre is also home to a very popular local ski resort which is known as the Vodafone Ski Resort. It is a very popular destination for many locals who want to spend the day playing in the freshly powdered snow. It is also a very affordable skiing destination in the country.

Several rivers meander their way through the Serra da Estrela Mountains. Three of these have their headwaters located within the mountain range itself. The largest river that makes it way through the mountain range is that of the Mondego River, which is the largest river in Portugal. There is also the Zêzere River which makes its way down the mountainside along with the Alva River.

Lagoa Comprida, Serra da Estrela, Portugal
Lagoa Comprida, Serra da Estrela, Portugal by Unukorno

The vast majority of the Serra da Estrela mountain range falls within the Serra da Estrela Natural Park. There are many things to see and do within the park boundaries. There are multiple different ski resorts including those found in Loriga as well as Seia.

When you choose to visit the Serra da Estrela Mountains, do not forget to also try out the local Queijo Serra da Estrela cheese which has been made the same way for more than 2000 years. This scrum Swiss cheese is made of sheep’s milk and is known as a very soft and gooey delicacy. It would be an impossibility to visit the mountain range without also try now a little bit of the local culinary delights.

Serra da Estrela mountains, Portugal
Serra da Estrela mountains, Portugal by Sérgio Santos

There literally is a lot of things to see and do when you choose to visit the Serra da Estrela mountain range. From skiing in the winter time to hiking in the summer, you will always find something to keep you busy no matter what time of year you choose to visit Portugal.

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