Eltz Castle – a beautiful example of fine German architecture

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It was back in the 12th century when the Eltz Castle was first built in the western part of Germany. For 33 generations, the castle has remained in hands of the same family. Today, members of the family still live in one of the Castle’s wings. It is a beautiful example of fine German architecture from days gone by. The castle itself is surrounded by a river which only adds to the charm of visiting it.

Eltz Castle, Germany
Eltz Castle, Germany by Isaac Wedin

Luckily, in more than eight centuries the castle was only attacked once. As a result much of the original castle is still fully intact. Even the floors are still composed of the original plaster that was composed of animal hair, ox blood, quick line, Clay as well as camphor.

There are many things to see and do when it comes to visiting the Eltz Castle. Perhaps most popular destination within the castle is its collection of armor which dates back to 16th century. Since the castle is now mostly a museum, it is open to the public since the end of March till the beginning of November. And while there are many other castles within Germany to visit, Eltz Castle is nowhere near as crowded as some of the others.

You will of course have to pay an entrance fee to get into the castle (the basic adult admission is €9.00). However, you will find that there are no regularly scheduled tours in English. As a result, you will have basically two options; you can follow a standard tour which is done in German and referred to in English facts sheet, or you can wait until there are enough visitors to create an English-speaking tour.

Eltz Castle, Germany - 2
Eltz Castle, Germany by Michael

But there is more to visiting Eltz Castle than just checking out the inside of the castle. The castle itself is surrounded by enchanted woods, which are filled with a number of excellent hiking paths. One of these paths will even take you to the nearby castle of Pyrmont which will take you about 2,5 hours to reach. Nearby, you will also find the oldest city in the entire country, Trier, which is only 45 miles away.

If you plan on visiting Eltz Castle while you are in Germany, that make sure that you set aside at least a full day for the experience. You will definitely be glad you did, because choosing to visit the castle is definitely worthwhile.

For more information about Elz Castle, visit the official site: burg-eltz.de

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