Löwenburg Castle – fairy tale castle in Germany

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While there are countless castles in Germany that are just waiting to be explored, none of them can compare to that of the Löwenburg Castle. This beautiful castle is located within the prestigious Wilhelmshöhe Berg Park.

The Löwenburg Castle was built back in the 18th century by Landgrave Wilhelm IX. As such, it is actually one of the newer castles within the country. However, from the outside you would never have guessed. The outward appearance of the Löwenburg Castle looks as if it had been built during the medieval period. But on the inside, the story is very different.

Löwenburg Castle, Germany
Löwenburg Castle, Germany by Andreas

The castle itself today is a museum that is open to the public on a regular basis. The vast majority of the Löwenburg Castle can be seen on a guided tour. However, you do have to pay an entrance fee; and he can only visit the Castle on the guided tour.

There are many things to see and do once you are inside the Löwenburg Castle. The castle is home to an impressive armory which is filled with 16th and 17th century suits of armor. There is also an old chapel on the castle grounds which also sits as the tomb of Landgrave Wilhelm IX. There are many princely rooms located throughout the castle and while many of them are furnished, others functioning merely as part of the museum tour.

Löwenburg Castle, Germany - 2
Löwenburg Castle, Germany by jenspletsch

Needless to say, the Löwenburg Castle is definitely a picturesque and awe inspiring Castle. It is no wonder why so many people have made their way to the castle every single year in order to experience everything that has to offer first-hand. While it may not be the oldest Castle in Germany, it is nonetheless a beautiful example of ancient medieval architecture and Baroque interior designs. Just spending a couple hours on the castle grounds deftly makes the trip to Löwenburg Castle worthwhile.

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