Lake Bohinj – the most beautiful place in Slovenia

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You will find the majestic Lake Bohinj in the Julian Alps of Slovenia. This massive 318-hectare glacial Lake is considered to be the largest lake as well as the most beautiful place in all of Slovenia. The entirety of Lake Bohinj is situated within the Triglav National Park; less than 30 kilometres away from Lake Bled, which is another pearl of Slovenia.

Lake Bohinj, Slovenia
Lake Bohinj, Slovenia by Nigel Swales

The lake itself is more than 4.2 kilometres in length but only one kilometre in width. It is fed by the Črno jezero via the large stream of Savica. It is also believed that there is a subterranean source of water, which feeds Lake Bohinj. At the easternmost part of the lake, the water flows out via the Jezernica Creek before finally making its way out to sea.

There are many different species of marine life that call Lake Bohinj home. The most common of these include the brown trout, European chub, burbot, minnow as well as the Arctic char. There are also eight different seas of mollusks that live within the lake and a number of different algae species, which can be found along the shores.

Lake Bohinj is a popular destination during the summer months. Countless people make their way to the region every single year in order to swim and partake in a number of different water-based sports. For most visitors, the lake is a popular day trip and a chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of city living. It is also a great base for hiking around the area.

Lake Bohinj in winter, Slovenia by Mari (Maria Giovanna Colli)

Of course there are also some interesting aspects along the shores of Lake Bohinj that are a must-see attraction. The most important of these is the legendary statue of Goldhorn chamois who was immortalized in a popular poem authored by Rudolf Baumbach. There are also a number of hiking trails that lead out into the countryside and up into the mountains. If you do not feel like walking, then you can simply take the cable car to the mountains to visit the Savica Waterfall.

There are also a number of festivals and events that take place in the area at a reasonable time of the year. The biggest event around Lake Bohinj is the International Wild Flower Festival, which occurs the last week of May. There are parades, great food, flowers everywhere during the festivals which is definitely an interesting and unique place to visit Slovenia.

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