Grande Cascade de Gavarnie – highest waterfalls in France

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There are just so many interesting things you can enjoy and see once you travel to France. And while many people choose to visit the major cities of the country, a growing number of tourists have opted to make their way to the French countryside to see with the nation has to offer.

In the Pyrénées Mountains, there are a number of glaciers which had been slowly receding for centuries. This continuously melting ice has resulted in the creation of the Grande Cascade de Gavarnie. It is considered to be one of the tallest waterfalls in France and even one of the largest in all of Europe. During the summer months, when the melting of the glaciers increases, several other waterfalls form nearby.

Grande Cascade de Gavarnie, France
Grande Cascade de Gavarnie, France by Jens Buurgaard Nielsen

The receding glaciers feed the nearby Spanish Lake of Lago Helago. This particular Lake has no surface outflow such as a stream, river or creek. Instead, the glacial waters of the lake seep into the ground before making their way to the waterfall. As a result, the unique experience afforded to one who visits the Grande Cascade de Gavarnie is definitely a rewarding one.

It is important to point out, that while many popular waterfalls throughout Europe are now turned on and off at specific times of the year as a result of them being harnessed for hydroelectric power, the Grande Cascade de Gavarnie is not. The waterfall itself stays on year-round and while it is used as a source of hydroelectric power, the generators are well below the level of the falls.

The amazing geology and spectacular views afforded to one who visits the region only make the trip more enjoyable. Every year, countless visitors from all over Europe and the world make their way to the area just to view the Grande Cascade de Gavarnie as these waterfalls are definitely one of the finest examples of natural splendour in the world.

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