Ben Bulben or Benbulbin – one of the most picturesque mountain in Ireland

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The area known as Ben Bulben is an enchanted region of Ireland where many people believe that fairies live and even show themselves to humans. There are also numerous caves and grottoes in the foot of the old mountain, that lead more than 300 miles away to the shoreline; and if one listens carefully, they can actually hear the waves splashing against the shore.

Ben Bulben, Ireland - 2
Ben Bulben, Ireland by Andrew Parnell

The mountain itself features very steep sides and a flat top. It is said that Benbulben is one of the most picturesque mountain in Ireland. All throughout the County Sligo, the flat-top mountain dominates the Irish countryside.

Benbulben is part of the Dartry Mountains, which were named after the tribe that had once inhabited the region. Located along the westernmost point of the mountain range, there are many interesting sites to explore in the region. It is here where one will find the highest cave in the entire country. Just behind Benwisken, at the top of the mountain you will find the Grainne as well as the Diarmuid caves. You will also find countless megalithic monuments throughout the region.

There are many mythical legends and lore associated with the region that surrounds Benbulben. From bewitched lovers, tooth fairy doors and countless other stories, there is much culture to be experienced by anyone who choose to visit the region.

Ben Bulben, Ireland
Ben Bulben, Ireland by Reza Ahmeds

There are countless trails and paths that meander their way through the Irish countryside around Benbulben. You will find that there is a lot to explore and be discovered in the region. If you are planning on visiting Benbulben, make sure that you set aside at least a couple days in order to experience much as possible of the region. And of course if you are visiting with your children, you cannot forget to check out the popular Fairy Door.

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