Njupeskär waterfall – the highest waterfall in Sweden

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The tallest and one of the most interesting waterfalls in all of Sweden, is none other than that of Njupeskär. This 93-meter tall fall can be found in the canyon that has been cut into the bedrock by the Njupån River. The whole area around is protected by the Fulufjällets National Park which has been established just recently in 2002.

Because the depth of the canyon, the waterfall is shrouded in darkness nearly all year long. At the base of the Njupeskär, you will find countless species of lichens and mosses that can only survive in the moist dark environment. However, during the middle of the summer light guys reach all the way to the bottom of the canyon; but only during the wee hours of the morning.

Njupeskär waterfall, Sweden
Njupeskär waterfall, Sweden by m.prinke

When it comes to getting to the Njupeskär, you will have to take the four kilometers journey. However, because either gravel or boards cover most of the trail, the hike is actually very easy on the feet; even when you are wearing regular shoes. There are many easy to follow signs located along the trail that will help guide you to the waterfalls.

One of the first things that you will notice as you make your way to the Njupeskär, is the more than 400-year-old Spruce tree that can be found alongside the path, called “Old Tjikko”. It is one of the world’s oldest trees. Much of the entire Valley is lush and green and is home to a wide variety of plant species. There are also countless animals that can be seen throughout the Valley. It would be impossible to visit the region without also hearing the sounds of the three-toed woodpecker slowly digging a hole into the side of a tree trunk to catch a juicy worm.

Once you arrive to the waterfalls, you will encounter another trail that will take you down to the foot of the canyon. The breathtaking views from the top of the falls are definitely worth the trip, but getting down to the bottom of the Valley will offer the most rewarding experience possible. Unlike the past to Njupeskär, the past leading down to the base of the canyon is a little more difficult walk. Make sure that you stay on the path because straying away from the marked areas can be quite dangerous.

Brook in Fulufjällets Nationalpark, Sweden
Brook in Fulufjällets Nationalpark, Sweden by m.prinke

Do not worry though, there are several nice cabins along the way where you can stop and rest your feet. Take a breather and admire the views afforded to one within the canyon. Once you have got enough rest, continue making your way down to the foot of the Njupeskär and feel the cooling mist on your face. From there, you will be able to continue following a footpath through the forest leads to the nearby Njupeskär Café.

Choosing to visit Njupeskär is definitely worth the trip. The experience of the deep and narrow canyon is definitely a unique one. So when you choose visit Sweden, do not forget to make your way to the Valley of the Njupån River.

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