Siccar Point rocky promontory in Scotland, United Kingdom

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Along the eastern coastlines of Scotland, you will find the rocky Siccar Point jutting out into the sea. At the top of the point, an ancient hill fort was built. Known locally as a dun, the ruins are a popular tourist attraction in the area.

Access to Siccar Point is not all that easy. The location is tucked away and is not part of any major trails in the area. Those who seek it out can find it with a little help from the local population though.

Siccar Point, Scotland, UK
Siccar Point, Scotland, UK by dave souza

Siccar Point gained infamy with the help of James Hutton who had discovered the interesting geological formation back in 1788. It was with the help of the point, that Hutton was able to successfully prove his theory on the development of the earth, its origin and even its age.

Near by Siccar Point, one can also find the ancient St Helen’s Chapel which stands in ruins only a kilometer from the location. Built using the Old Red sandstone which is common in the area, the Romanesque church has grown to become another popular stop for those visiting the area.

Notwithstanding the historical links tied to the angled Siccar Point, the area is still a beautiful place to visit. You can stand upon the top of the cliffs and overlook the point sticking up out of the sea. The rocky landscape that leads out to the North Sea is barren and uninhabitable, but in the opposite direction, one can see marvelous rolling hills carpeted in emerald green grass and farmlands.

The trip out to Siccar Point is a slow and enjoyable one as you make your way through the open trails that meander their way through the region. Make sure that you bring the proper shoes because to visit the point as well as the many other popular attractions in the area, you will be needing to do a lot of walking.

But for your efforts to reach the cliffs that tower above Siccar Point you will be rewarded with some of the most beautiful views of the rugged coastlines of Scotland.

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