Lago Maggiore – beauty on the shores of lake, Italy

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While known only as the second largest Italian lake, Lake Maggiore is none the less the most infamous lakes in the country. Situated along the southern foothills of the Alps, Lake Maggiore almost completely covers the 70 kilometre distance between the cities of Arona and Locarno. The lake is 68 kilometres long and is three to five kilometres wide. However, at the natural bay between Stresa and Pallanza, Lake Maggiore is almost ten kilometres wide.

Lago Maggiore, Italy
Lago Maggiore, Italy by Falk Lademann

While Lake Maggiore is situated more than 193 meters above sea level, the lake is very deep with some points of the lake bed exceeding 179 meters below sea level. The basin of the lake is said to have been formed by a mix of both glacial and tectonic means. There are many rivers that flow into Lake Maggiore and even more rivers that flow out of the lake.

The weather surrounding the giant lake is traditionally very mild all year long. Since Lake Maggiore is so large, it creates a micro-climate that is entirely unique to the region. During the summer months, the temperature of the lake generally helps to keep the region cooler than the surrounding areas. At the same time, during the winter months, the lake helps to warm the surrounding areas.

Isola dei Pescatori, Lago Maggiore, Italy
Isola dei Pescatori, Lago Maggiore, Italy by kkmarais

Every year, millions of people make their way to the shores of Lake Maggiore. There are countless hot spots located all around the shorelines of the lake. You will even find the Borromean Islands in the western portion of the lake. The Borromean Islands are a very popular tourist attraction which features some of the finest gardens in the region. Countless people make their way to these privately owned islands every summer. From rest and relaxation to some of the most popular of water sports, there is so much to see and do around Lake Maggiore.

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