Ferrara – the city of the cyclists, Italy

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The city of Ferrara can be found along the banks of the Po River, only 50 kilometers from where the river meets the sea. It is a historical town which today is home to more than 135,000 residents. In the small but well-preserved old town centre, you will find the Castello Estense. While the old town center may not be as large as some of the other cities in Italy, it is said that you could spend days exploring all there is to see and do in the old town.

Ferrara, Emilia-Romagna, Italy
Ferrara, Emilia-Romagna, Italy by Chris Yunker

The castle is surrounded by a moat that is filled with water fed from the Po River. The castle dates back to the 14th century and features a number of towers, medieval walls and of course a draw bridge. In the basement of the Castle there is an old prison which is open to the public. While many parts of the castle today are open to the public, since the building still serves as the political seat of the city, there are parts that are non-accessible.

Not too far away from the fort is the city’s cathedral. It is here that you will find the Museo della Cattedrale which houses many beautiful tapestries, various manuscripts as well as the 1408 sculpture of Madonna. Since the city has been the home for many famous artists, there are many fine collections to view in the museum.

In 1492, the Duke of Ferrara planned an extension to the city which can be found along the northern edges of the town. The initial goal of the Duke was to create a very tasteful district in the city dedicated to the Renaissance. In this extension, you will find a number of fine attractions as well as the Palazzo dei Diamanti which is a museum today that houses many works from local artists.

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