Lake Fertö / Neusiedler See – Europe’s largest salt-water lake

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Lake Fertö which is located partially in Hungary (25% of area) and partially in Austria (75% of area), where it is called Neusiedler See, is the largest saltwater lake in the entire Europe. There are several different streams which feed into this lake, and it does not have a natural means of drainage, though it is drained by the Hansag channel. This area is home to many different types of birds, due to the thick reed-beds as well as marshy areas throughout the land.

Lake Ferto / Neusiedler See, Hungary / Austria
Lake Fertö / Neusiedler See, Hungary / Austria by Mr. Tonreg

This lake is the third largest in all of Central-Europe, located far to the west of all other great continental lakes in the Eurasia region. The overall size of Lake Fertö tends to change quite often, mostly because of the strong winds and shallow level of the water. Some of the different types of birds which populate this area include the Common Spoonbill, Purple Heron, Great Egret, Greylag Goose, and many more. Some of the rarer birds which can be found in the Lake Fertö area include the White-Tailed Eagle, the Hen Harrier, and the Red-Breasted Goose.

Located in the North West region of Hungary, it initially opened in the same year as the Austrian Neusiedler See National Park. Both of these parks are attached to Lake Fertö and Lake Neusiedler. There are many who continue to regard Lake Fertö as one of the most significant natural bodies of water in all of Europe. The Austrian side of this lake covers 240 km², while the Hungarian side covers 75 km².

Skating on Neusiedler See in winter, Austria
Skating on Neusiedler See in winter, Austria by Mr. Tonreg

Surrounding Lake Fertö are various towns and villages, including Illmitz, Podersdork am See, Weiden, and many more. There has been a history of human settlement in this area going all the way back to the Neolithic period. This lake is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful and idyllic places to visit in the entire Hungary-Austria area.

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