The Blue Grotto – the sea caverns on the southern coast of Malta

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The Blue Grotto is the name that has been given to a cave which is part of a series of sea caverns which are located on the southern coast of Malta, close to the Żurrieq harbor. These sea caves offer locals and tourists a truly unique one-of-a-kind sight around 1 o’clock in the afternoon when the combination of caves and sunlight reflecting off the water create many different shades of blue which can only be observed around this time of the day.

Blue Grotto, Malta
Blue Grotto, Malta by Chris Brown

Those who travel to the Blue Grotto will also be able to see Filfla, which is a small island inhabited by numerous types of exotic lizards. There is no doubt that these sea caves are a very popular travel destination for tourists who like to go scuba diving or just want to admire the breathtaking beauty and idyllic scenery that the Blue Grotto has to offer.

In this area there are a number of amazing sights to see, including the tall cliffs which tower above the Mediterranean Sea, the waves below hitting against them. The unique emerald lighting and exotic landscape of this entire area is what draws so many people to it year after year. Late in the day it is not uncommon to see visitors swimming in the caves, as well as traffic jams of rowboats just outside the grotto.

It is also considered as being one of the most picturesque places in all of Malta so if your next way is waving through Malta do not leave this place unexplored.

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