Dumme Mosse – nature reserve and one of the largest wetlands in Sweden

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Dumme Mosse Sweden

Dumme Mosse Nature Reserve is fairly unspoilt and one of the largest wetlands in Sweden, located a few miles west of Jönköping. This is a huge area of wetlands (approx. 3,500 ha), where you can find the rarest plant species typical for these places. You can see there for example, infertile swamps of various types, sparsely wooded swamps, open meadows and woodlands. Large and intact swamps have a very high value for birds, animals, insects and plants.

Dumme Mosse Nature Reserve has been established in 1960 and expanded later in 1998 up to 2865 ha. Overall, the Swedish mud loses. The deposition of nitrogen threaten native vegetation. Drainage and peat extraction have become a growing threat. This is very serious because the wetlands such as bogs, are very valuable from an ecological perspective. They can mitigate high flows and at the same time act as a natural treatment of contaminated water.

Dumme Mosse is a popular recreation area and including 6-kilometer long “Dumme mosse-trail” in the southwestern part of the moss, that was built as early as 1968. During the warm season, you may hear the plaintive cries of the Golden Plover. During the winter you can explore the bog by skiing.

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