Troodos National Forest Park in Cyprus

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Troodos Ski Cyprus

The highest mountains of the island is the Troodos Mountains in the western part of Cyprus. The highest peak Olympos reaches 1952 m above the sea level and you can see the northern and southern coasts from the peak. The highest peak of the island is fenced military area, taking photos is prohibited. At the slopes of the mountains there is a ski resort in winter. If you have a luck and find the good weather in February, you can ski in the morning and swim in the afternoon in the waves of the Mediterranean Sea.

In summer, the mountains are the only place of the island, where you’ll find rivers full of water, waterfalls and lush green trees. Below the highest peak you will find Troodos mountain resort – a place with shops, hotels and campsites. From the mountain resort, you can take the marked trails in the valley. Most of them lead along the streams, which even in the warmer months such as August or September have a lot of water. Pathways usually lead through the small mountain villages with typical Mediterranean architecture of narrow streets and Orthodox churches.

Trails of the Troodos National Park

  • Atlanta Trail Trail – 9 km long. A nice easy walk.
  • Caledonia Trail Trail – begins a short distance from the Presidential Cottage. 2 km long, ending in a place called Caledonia Falls. The trail runs along the river Kryos Potamou.
  • Artemis trail – to the top of the highest mountains. 7 km long. In addition to the pleasant scent of gigantic pines, educational descriptions of trees with beautiful views of the whole Cyprus.
  • The trail from Dendro Psila Pouziaris – begins at the junction of the roads into the forest and Platres Potamos Mesa. Trails and paths can be combined in various ways and you can choose the length and difficulty of the route.
  • Persephone Trail – at easiest trail. It provides a view of the village of Pano Amiantos and a view of asbestos mines.

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