Walibi Belgium – famous and biggest theme park in Belgium

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Walibi Belgium is a famous amusement park in Belgium. It is located in the central part of the country, southeast of Brussels, in the city of Wavre.

Walibi Belgium was opened on 26th July 1975. It is a medium sized park where all the people from children to older one can find fun. In total there are 50 different attractions. Walibi Belgium is not divided into thematic parts, but into categories according to severity – children, family, for teens and The Big 7 (this is for the bravest ones). There are the roller coasters, free fall, water rides, 4D cinema, and many more. The biggest attraction of the park is the roller coaster “Vampire” and free fall from the 77 meters “Dalton Terror”. The Walibi Belgium has also a plenty of food stalls and souvenir shops. Accommodation right in the park is not possible, but in the vicinity there are lots of accommodation opportunities. There is also the campsite. Otherwise it is a good idea to book tickets over the interent, it will cost you less.

Walibi Belgium is open from late April to early November 10 to 18 hours. Outside the main season is open only on weekends. It should prefer to see the opening hours at the park site. Tickets prices start at 25Eur/person/entrance or you can buy the whole year ticket for 55Eur.

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