Albrechtsburg castle – one of the most beautiful late Gothic buildings in Germany

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Albrechtsburg castle is one of the most beautiful late Gothic buildings in Germany. It is located in Saxony, in the famous city of porcelain in Meißen.

Albrechtsburg castle was built in the 15th century and it was the first castle in the history of German engineering. The builder was Arnold von Westfalen. Albrechtsburg Castle is a silent witness to history of famous for so-called “white gold” because it is also a place of the first porcelain manufactory in Europe, established in 1710.

Albrechtsburg castle, Germany
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Albrechtsburg castle hosts numerous interesting exhibitions, including the permanent exhibition about the castle and local porcelain, which takes you back to the times of the invention of the European porcelain. With multimedia production you can also look at the laboratory of Johann Friedrich Böttger, the discoverer of porcelain production.

In the castle complex there is a beautiful Gothic cathedralMeissen Cathedral, that was built in 1260 – 1410.

Albrechtsburg castle, Germany 2
Janos Korom Dr.

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