Magdeburg Water Bridge in Germany – the longest navigable aqueduct in the world (918m)

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Magdeburg Water Bridge (Wasserstrassenkreuz Magdeburg) is really unique bridge – it is the longest navigable aqueduct in the world. Its structure is crossing over the Elbe River in Hohenwarthe near the city of Magdeburg, Germany. As one of the few in the world it was not designed for vehicle traffic, but for the ships! This is indeed, as the name predicts, the water bridge or channel.

Magdeburg Water Bridge was opened in 2003 and connects Berlin’s inland harbour network with the ports along the Rhine river. The bridge also allows the traffic of larger ships. This unique bridge is able to support even the heaviest boats and also to withstand the winter ice.

Its length is 918m, depth 4.25m and width is up to 34 m. The construction took €500 milion and used 24,000 tonnes of steel and 68,000 cubic meters of concrete.

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