Europa-Park in Rust, Germany – travel through the best European countries within 2 days

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Does it seem impossible to go around the whole Europe within 2 days, breath odor and flavor of each country, relax and have fun? These ideas can easily turn into reality – just get in the car and go to Europa-Park in Germany, located in a small town of Rust at the French border.

You cannot miss Europa-Park as the Silver Star – the tallest steel roller coaster in Europe is visible from far away. Do not be fooled, nor discourage from the inclusion of the amusement parks. What you’ll see and experience here at the 85 hectares, you certainly not enjoy anywhere else. Fantasy worlds are waiting for you to be discovered!

You can try the rapid ride through the Greek antiquity on the water roller coaster Poseidon, or shocking Silver Star with a top speed of around 130 km/h, or an expedition into the world of dinosaurs.

Europa-Park provides hundreds of attractions and a great show not only for the kids but also for the adults. You can get into the train that take you from one fairy tale to another fairy tale and passes through the town of Rust.

Europa-Park is one big city, composed of twelve districts, which follow and bring atmosphere of the selected European countries. The main gate to welcome you to Germany, and take you to a panoramic train. France invites you to an ultra-fast single-track Silver Star, where you usually waste an hour in the queue. Swiss will sit you on the bobsleigh track. Norwegians throw you into the rubber rafts in the vortex of a wild river bed. Russians offer traditional tunes and fables with scenes of pagodas, and you can also visit the space station MIR, where the centrifugal force tries the resistance of the space candidates. Dutch people will sit you into porcelain tea cups and spin in a wild circular motion.

You can feel free to let your children explore the world of dinosaurs, play on the pirate ships, seek the treasure or watch knights jousting while you enjoy the charms of European countries. You will distinguish them easily from each other according to the typical architecture and culture, but also by shops, restaurants, delicacies and visage of staff in different parts of the park. You can walk through Spain in the beat of the flamenco, try paella and then go e.g. to Italy. In Café Benedeta you can taste a cup of coffee, while enjoying magic of Venice Carnival. In Holland you can buy great chocolate to your children. The ladies probably get lost in France during a visit boutiques and fashion shops. You can then meet in a bar Marianne and take a glass of real champagne.

However you can pass Europa-Park in one day, we recommend you to take 2 days for it. During the day you can watch the exciting contest of gladiators, dancing on ice, visit London’s Globe Theatre, or a medieval jousting tournament, but the park is alive at night as well!

In the program you can choose from a Spanish fiesta “Viva la Vida”, the German knight’s banquet, an evening with a French cook in the bar La Cigale, or sitting at La Scala and listening to Caruso and his friends…

In Europa-Park you can enjoy a memorable gourmet dinner with cultural program, simply select a country to which you desire! Stylish performances do not end the show in the evening, it continues even in local hotels that are full of inspiring experiences and dreams. For example, you can stay overnight in the Colosseo, Santa Isabel, El Andaluz, or in an Indian village.

Europa-Park is open 09.04.2011 – 06.11.2011 from 9 am to 6 pm (extended opening hours during peak season). 2 day ticket for adults costs €67, for children (4-11 years) costs €59,50. For children under 4 there is free entry.

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