Le Château de Chambord – a major tourist attraction in France

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Le Château de Chambord lies in France approximately 180km south of Paris. This marvelous castle came into existence several centuries ago. Le Château de Chambord is the ensemble of conventional French architectural ethos in right combination with classic Italian architecture. However, researchers are not sure who designed this castle. To give concrete shape to this world famous chateau, several princes and royal family members contributed at different times to increase the structural elegance of this royal castle in France.

If you reshuffle historical records and manuscripts, you will learn that King Francois I played a significant role to reshape this castle after modification. There are many critics and historians who claim that Domenico da Cortona attributed a lot to redesign this building. Some of them claim that Philibert Delorme – the French Renaissance architect or Leonardo da Vinci had an important role in designing the structure of chateau.

Architectural Beauty of Le Château de Chambord

According to researchers, exterior and interior parts of Le Château de Chambord are fantastic to look as professional architects have used sumptuous marble slabs, stones and wall painting color shades. The central keep is beset with four decorated pillars with arches (four immense bastion towers at the corners). Le Château de Chambord is also designed with an eye-catching garden, moats and backyards. Conventional moat or water ditch adjacent to the castle was not constructed to defend enemy but this water moat has accelerated overall beauty of the building. There are 440 spacious rooms, 365 fireplaces along with more than 80 well decorated staircases inside the building.

So far as architectural aesthete is concerned, architects have borrowed Italian architectural style to install large windows and a rooftop gallery with open sides (loggia) to gear up visibility and clarity. Designers used their razor sharp intelligence and imaginative faculty to construct roof of the castle by setting up 11 towers, 3 different chimneys inclusive of double helical or spiral staircases in the chateau. There is also a well decorated beautiful lighthouse at the top of Le Château de Chambord.

Le Château de Chambord was confiscated as enemy property in 1915 but after severe legal battle, it was got back to the family of the Duke of Parma. Engineers and architects started the building renovation works after World War II. Right now, this historical site has become one of the most attractive tourist centers.

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