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Bulgaria - country of roses

Sofia is a beautiful metro city in Bulgaria. If you visit Sofia, you find this beautiful city lying at the foot of Vitosha, which is a beautiful mountain in Bulgaria. This capital city of Bulgaria has an excellent historical background. It is one of the oldest cities in the world. In Sofia, you will have a unique opportunity to catch the glimpse of natural aesthete, beautiful landscape, deep mountain range, impressive valley, open sky and glamour of modern city life.

If you decide to visit Sofia, you will have to shortlist attractive historical sites and tourist spots which you can find here and there in this popular city. We chose some of the best known and top sights to see in Sofia.

Nevski cathedral is really marvelous in design. You must visit this tourist spot that has increased the importance of Sofia city. However, you should also go to other exotic tourist spots like Russian church and other religions shrines that are famous for architectural aesthete. This ancient city has a number of ancient Roman, Byzantine and medieval Bulgarian historical buildings, monuments and palaces such as Boyana Church from the 10th century which is a UNESCO world heritage site, or Church of St. George which is the oldest building in Sofia, or St. Sofia Church – early Byzantine church. In the center of the city you should also visit medieval Church of St Petka of the Saddlers

You will get pleasure by watching natural charisma of snow capped mountain range of Vitosha. Here, you will come into contact with the perfect blend of modern city life and natural aesthete. You will find boutiques, small kiosks, shopping centers and a national park at the base of this well known mountain.

The Sts. Cyril and Methodius National Library is the largest national book collection and Bulgaria’s oldest cultural institute, which encourages young generation to learn more about Bulgarian history and culture. You can visit this historical building to watch the gigantic structure of this national library. If you are a knowledge thirsty human, you can check and review historical documents, different types of marvelous relics and collectibles which are available in the inventory of the library. You can also visit the famous Boyona church to learn about the historical background of Bulgarian culture and religion as well. In this church, you will also be able to find stored artifacts, mythological figurines, painted images, books and religions documents in archive of the church.

Finally, when you stay in Sofia, you can also spend some time by visiting Sofia Zoo which gives shelter to more than 1000 wild species. The Zoo has been founded in 1888. You will be able to meet some rare animals in this national zoo.

For your transport in Sofia you can use Metro which has been opened in 1998 and now has just one line and 14 stations.

From natural beauty to sophisticated busy urban lifestyle, Sofia has become the main attraction to foreign tourists. You can enjoy an intoxicated nightlife in this metro city.

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