Öresund Bridge – the longest road and rail bridge-tunnel in Europe – between Sweden and Denmark

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Engineers have constructed (1995 – 2000) Öresund Bridge (Øresundsbron) to establish the connectivity between Sweden and Denmark. Öresund Bridge is the longest railway and highway bridge in European continent and plays a vital role to ensure good communication system. Öresund Bridge makes a link between Danish capital city of Copenhagen and the major Swedish city of Malmö.

Öresund Bridge
Photo licensed under the Creative Commons, created by Hunter-Desportes

European E20 route passes through Öresund Bridge as well, which is important connection between Scandinavia and Central and Western Europe. But not only the bridge is interesting here. Another part of this route is a well-built tunnel under the sea that ensures better navigation and transportation network for the ships. The long tunnel permits fleets of large cargo boats, passenger ships and speed boats steer safely through this extended tunnel.

On Öresund Bridge you will pass the borders but thanks to Schengen Agreement there are usually no passport inspections.

View Öresund Bridge – the longest road and rail bridge in Europe – between Sweden and Denmark in a larger map

The Architect of the bridge is Georg Rotne who designed several important bridges throughout the world. Öresund Bridge is 7,845 meters long and up to 23.5 meters wide and today it serves to more than 17,000 road vehicles every day.

If you visit Sweden or Denmark in the future, you have to make a trip by train or car through this unique bridge and tunnel. It is really very impressive!

View Öresund Bridge – the longest road and rail bridge in Europe – between Sweden and Denmark in a larger map

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  1. … and it is really impressive to sit in a car driving over this bridge from denmark to sweden!!!

  2. Tosh says:

    But the very first picture, the one at the upper left, isn’t the Oresundbridge. It is the Monitor- Merrimac Memorial bridge in Virginia.

    • admin says:

      Hi Tosh,

      thank you for your valuable comment, I have just replaced the picture of Oresund bridge with the one that is really of that great monument!

  3. This bridge even got a prize for its “Outstanding Structure”; is really amazing how they built the tunnel under the sea and also an artificial island ( Pepparholmen); you can check here also: https://lookbridges.com/oresund-bridge-in-oresund-region-denmark-sweden

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