European Travel tips – The money belt

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European Travel tips - Money Belt

One of the great things about travelling across Europe is the complete freedom you have and the power to literally have your home on your back.

But when you are moving from place to place and exploring new cities it also means you have to keep all your precious items on your person.

This, of course, is like a huge flashing beacon to potential thieves and pick pockets, who have a keen eye for tourists and know what sort of valuables they have on them.

Now it needs to be said that muggings in busy tourist places are rare and it should never stop you from travelling. But it is a fact of life that the tourist dollar makes you of great interest to certain locals.

But if you are sensible and aware of your surroundings you can lower the chances of losing you most prized possessions.

For starters a money belt is a great way of keeping cash, traveller’s cheques, passport and other small but vital items safe. It can sit underneath your beltline hidden from view but close enough so you know where it is.

If possible though try not to reveal it in public – its greatest strength is the fact it is hidden. Thieves know tourists where money belts too, but they don’t want to go round checking down everyone’s trousers to see! If they see you fiddling around with your belt they will assume you have something valuable to keep and may target you.

If you absolutely have to retrieve items such as bank cards from your wallet go to a public toilet or somewhere else where you can take out things in private.

Then when you have arrived at your hotel or hostel, place items such as your passport either in a locker or behind reception. Most London hotels have a safe in each room or at least one in the office behind reception for such items.

Then when you head out exploring take only the amount of cash you need for the day. If you aren’t sure, or want to keep a bank card with you just in case, keep small bills in a pocket for things such as drinks, bus tickets etc.. and your bank card safely tucked away.

Sites such as give a description of the area you are travelling to so it pays to read up on area where it may not be safe for tourists to go, again lessening the chances of you being a victim as well as giving you the chance to get the most out of your travels.

You are free then enjoy the wonders of travelling without the hassle of dealing with missing valuables.

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