Peklo (The Hell) – National Natural Monument in the Czech Republic

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Czech National Natural Monument called Peklo (means The Hell in English) stretches in 4 km wide area between the village of Zahrádky and the city of Česká Lípa, in the northern part of the Czech Republic. Peklo is situated in the valley, which is up to 60 meters wide in some parts. The rocky chasms are up to 35-45 meters high.

Peklo, The Czech Republic
Peklo, The Czech Republic by RadekS

Peklo is a popular destination for tourists, geologists and botanists. The valley is rich in endangered plant species (e.g. spring snowflake, Primrose higher) and animals (e.g. eagle owl, kingfisher, river otter). Many tourists come here every spring to see the breathtaking spectacle that offers thousands of blooming snowflakes. In 1880, there was a plan to build a railway through the valley. Fortunately, the local club managed the construction of a bridge across the valley and saved this spectacular piece of nature. Today there is 24 meters high and 209 m long steel bridge with arches, which is also a technical monument. If you arrive by train across the bridge, you should notice the rock formations that resemble animals (eg, turtle, lizard). During the Thirty Years’ War, the Prussian-Austrian War or World War II, Peklo served as a refuge for the inhabitants of surrounding villages against the military units.

Through the Peklo valley leads very pleasant and not difficult hiking trail which is 4 km long. It is a narrow forest trail and contains several footbridges crossing the stream. You can even walk through the rock tunnel. At the southern end of the valley lies Karba settlement with houses sunk into the rocks.

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