Protected Landscape Area Vihorlat – a volcanic mountain range in Slovakia

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Protected Landscape Area Vihorlat - a volcanic mountain range in Slovakia

Protected Landscape Area Vihorlat is a volcanic area in the Slovak Republic. It is located in the regions of Prešov and Košice in the Eastern Carpathians. The area is bounded by the towns Remetské Hámre and Zemplínske Hámre.

Vihorlat Mountain is a protected area since 1973 and with the area of 17480 ha it is the smallest protected area in Slovakia. Protected Landscape Area Vihorlat includes several natural reserves such as Lake Morské oko (Marine Eye) and the highest mountain peak – Vihorlat, which reaches an altitude of 1076 m. Then it includes Ďurova mláka which is a typical circular crater in the Vihorlat mountains. In this area you can find a protected peat bog.

One of the parts of Protected Landscape Area Vihorlat is also Popriečny peak, which is 1024 m high, and also natural structure Snina Stone (Sninský kameň), that was created by the lava. Snina stone is about 20 m high and offers wonderful views of the surrounding area. Vihorlat protects about 35 species of plants. The most valuable are the Spring Snowflake, Soldanella carpatica and Telekia speciosa. Vihorlat is also home to 2,000 kinds of vertebrates, 100 species of birds and several species of carnivores (eg wolves, lynx, wildcat, otter).

Protected Landscape Area Vihorlat offers lots of trails. The most popular is the trail that leads from the Lake Morské oko through the Snina stone and ends at Snina’s ponds. The trails are open to the public since 1984.

Kyjovský prales, a primeval beech forest in Vihorlat Mountains, was proclaimed in 2007 by UNESCO to be a World Heritage Site due to its comprehensive and undisturbed ecological patterns and processes.

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