The Nebrodi Mountains – the largest forested area of Sicily, Italy

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The Nebrodi Mountains - the largest forested area of Sicily, Italy

The Nebrodi Mountains, Madonie Mountains and Peloritani Mountains together form the Sicilian Apennines (Appennini Siculo). Their northern slopes point to the Tyrrhenian Sea, while in the south they border the volcanic landscape area around Mount Etna.

The main characteristic feature of the landscape Nebrodi is a great diversity of landforms, rich vegetation and wetlands. The Arabs called Nebrodi as “Island in the Island” and the reason was the richness of forests, green pastures, quiet lakes and bubbling streams – the country so different from the image of dry and sun-scorched Sicily.

Nature Reserve (Parco naturale) Nebrodi was founded in 1993 and covers the most important and largest forested area of Sicily (about 50,000 ha). Despite of the deteriorating conditions of environmental, Nebrodi still offers the greatest wealth of fauna from all over Sicily. Some species have disappeared, unfortunately – the last wolves were killed at the end of twentieth century, the population of vultures extinct during the 60′s due to poisoned baits for foxes. Among the current, often scarce inhabitants of Nebrodi are porcupine, wild cat, pine marten, greenish turtle, mud turtle, frog, and colorful green jumper. Area of Nebrodi includes 150 bird species, many of them are endemic.

The hiking trails lead through the protected area from the west to the east. In the ridge you can find the only wetland in Sicily, which offers also the beautiful natural scenery.

The highest peak of Nebrodi is the Monte Soro (1,817 m).

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