Kremnica – historic town with the oldest mint in the world | Slovakia

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Kremnica - historic town with the oldest mint in the world | Slovakia

Kremnica is a historic city with a rich mining and mint tradition. It is located in the central part of the Slovak Republic, in Kremnica mountains at an altitude of 561 m. Near the town of Kremnica there is one of the geographic centres of Europe. Kremnica has now about 6,000 inhabitants.

During the reign of Hungarian kings Kremnica was a free royal mining town. Gold and silver were mined here from the 10th century. Kremnica ducats – one of the most valuable coins in Europe were minted here, as well as Czechoslovak and then Slovak coins, but also for many countries around the world.

Mint in Kremnica is significant because it works continuously since its founding in the 14th century until today, as the only one in the world. Mint in Kremnica offers its visitors the opportunity to see the interesting exhibits of coins, and walk through the old mint from 1881-1889. There is a preserved area with part of the historical plant and machinery.

Mint in Kremnica is open from Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 16:00. And on Saturday from 9:00 to 11:30.

Admission for adults is € 2.66 and € 1.49 for children. Museum of coins and medals is managed by the Slovak National Bank

Other sights in Kremnica
Kremnica is really rich in historical monuments. The dominant feature of the town is Kremnica Castle from the 13th century and its defensive system. There you can see also St. Catherine Castle from the mid 15th century, Charnel of St. Andrew from the 13th century (Romanesque rotunda with preserved charnel-house) and a small clock tower from the 14th century.

Since 1970, the castle complex is a national cultural monument. Also noteworthy is the Town Hall of 14th century, Mining bastion, the Immaculata sculpture from the years 1760 – 1765, town house dating back to 1441 and the Roman – Catholic parish from the 14th century.

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