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If you prefer active holidays and travelling you could come to Prague and try the first wind tunnel for parachute trainings and “flying public” in Central Europe. Thanks to four powerful fans you can fly in the only glass vertical wind chamber in the world. The chamber is located in Skydive arena in Prague – the capital of Czech Republic.

Skydive arena, Prague, Czech republic

It is designed for parachute trainings, learning the dynamics of free flight base jumpers and also for the general public. Those interested can try out what it’s like floating in the air and experience a sensation similar to free fall.

A circular flight chamber is made of safety glass. It has a diameter of 4.3 meters, so it can accommodate up to eight-member group. During normal operation of the chamber, there is only the “Flyer” and the instructor. The entire airspace is 14 meters tall, skilled individuals can fly up into a metal duct, which leads to the roof of the building. There is a metal grate with slats, guiding the flow of air to the fans. So you don’t have to be afraid of sucking into the propulsion system.

Skydive arena, Prague, Czech republic 2

A flight in a wind tunnel is really an extraordinary experience. However there are missing some visual effects and adrenalin that you can enjoy during the jump from an airplane, of course, but on the other hand, the security risks associated with parachute jumping are eliminated here.

Basic package which contains two 90-second flights costs 1 500 CZK.

For further information you can visit official site of SkyDive Arena in Prague.

Skydive arena, Prague, Czech republic 3

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