Lake Hévíz – the largest thermal lake in the world | Hungary

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Lake Hévíz - the largest thermal lake in the world | Hungary

Lake Hévíz is a natural wonder of world’s importance, located near Lake Balaton in Hungary. With its miraculous healing thermal water it is considered one of the most famous spa resorts in Hungary. The lake covers an area of ​​4.4 hectares and thus it is not only the largest thermal lake in Europe but also in the world. The temperature reaches 33 to 35 °C in summer and 26 to 28 °C in winter.

The miraculous effects of water were already known in the distant past. According to archaeological excavations, this place was inhabited since the Stone Age. And the mineral water has been used since the Middle Ages, first in the tannery, and later to medicinal baths. Lake Gyógy-tó has been adjusted as a private resort for the first time in 1795 by Count György Festetics from Keszthely.

Thermal lake is surrounded by park and is fed with the spring that rises from the crater about 40 meters below the surface. Thermal spring produce about 80 million liters of hot water daily. Thermal lake has a funnel-shaped ground with a depth of 36.5 meters. Almost throughout the whole year, the lake surface is covered with white and pink Indian lilies and with Egyptian lotus, which give the lake a special charm of romance.

Due to the favorable water temperature in the lake, it is possible to bathe here all year round. Fine cloud of steam over the lake creates a special look and high evaporation makes bathing more comfortable also in the coldest winter days. Various flows and pressures, including a pleasant water temperature allow visitors to stay longer in the lake.

In the spa area there is also a swimming pool for kids, as well as for children under 3 years.

Slightly radioactive lake water contains sulfur, alkali, bicarbonate salts and especially calcium salts. Medicinal baths are suitable for articulated diseases, rheumatism and even gynecological problems. As a drinking cure, it is recommended for the treatment of gastrointestinal disorders. If you need further treatments, for example mud, local spa offers almost all types of thermal treatments that you can imagine. Mud from the bottom of the lake is made ​​up of 50% of organic materials rich in iodine and estrogen.

Hévíz is internationally recognized as one of the world-class spa resorts and is also a home to frequent professional medical conferences. It is well known spa center with everything that implies, including housing services, and cultural and entertainment options at a high level. Hotels in Hévíz represent the highest quality and offer various options of sauna, relaxing massages, baths and beauty treatments.

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