Canoeing and rafting on the Czech rivers

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Ohre river - Canoeing and rafting on the Czech rivers

If you like active holidays and prefer nature to sights, and would like to experience something different, I would suggest you to try canoeing or rafting in the Czech republic.

It is really cheap and suitable also for the families with kids. You don’t have to be an expert in canoeing, as Czech rivers are not as wild. It is even suitable for those that have never been rafting before. However you have to meet one requirement – you have to love water.

There are about 500 rivers that you can raft in the Czech republic. We prepared for you just a short overview of the most popular rivers you should start with.

Vltava river - Canoeing and rafting on the Czech riversVltava river
The very Czech river is usually rafted from the town of Vyšší Brod to the city of České Budějovice. It is possible to add additional two days from Lenora to Lipno or two days from Prague to Mělník. On all these sections the river flows nicely and is suitable for tourist canoe. Very popular is sailing down the all the dams on the Vltava between České Budějovice and Prague on sea kayaks. Also, if you would like to get an unforgettable experience you should pass through the Czech capital – Prague, or through the city of Český Krumlov.

+ Beautiful landscape, nice flow, most dams are rideable
- Too many boaters and full camps.

Rental services on Vltava river:

Sazava river - Canoeing and rafting on the Czech riversSázava river
Sázava provides two interesting sections – one is at the beginning and one at the end. The section between Týnec nad Sázavou and Pikovice belongs to the most popular ones in the Czech republic.
+ Interesting rapids
- Dangerous weirs, long stretches without power, many boaters on the downstream

Rental services on Sazava river: (only in Czech)

Lužnice river
Lužnice has already been described in the separated article here.

Berounka river - Rafting and Canoeing on Czech riversBerounka river
If you’ve never been on the water yet, Berounka river is ideal for you. It does not flow too fast, it is broad and water level is enough high throughout the year. The list of superlatives can include a beautiful nature, interesting sights all around and the camping almost on every turn. Those looking for comfort, night guitar just at the fireplace, pubs or walks to the surrounding ruins, will find Berounka as the best solution. Here you can meet the groups that runs the same river for decades.

+ Forests and meadows, many nice campsites, monuments and sights
- Dry after the weirs

Rental services on Berounka river:

Ohre river - Canoeing and rafting on the Czech riversOhře river
Ohře river is a number 2 among the most popular canoeing rivers. It is powerful, and fresh. Fast flow alternates with rapids. It often passes under the rocks, on which is castle or at least the ruins. The historic town of Cheb, Karlovy Vary and Kadaň worth seeing. Many camps offer only cheap place for a tent and a simple toilet, but there is also a number of comfortably equipped campsites.

+ Live river, fast flow, romantic landscape
- Too many boaters

Rental services on Ohře river:

Otava riverOtava river
Castles, beer, sausage, relax – it’s Otava. Nicely flowing through the planes of Šumava forests to Orlík lake. There is no unpleasant surprises waiting for the paddlers. During the holidays it is full of boaters, but the number of boats and tents in the camps is reasonable.

+ Peaceful atmosphere
- In the hot summer can be the lack of water

Rental services on Otava river:

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