Tropical greenhouse Fata Morgana – unique rainforest in Europe | Czech Republic

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Tropical greenhouse Fata Morgana - unique rainforest in Europe | Czech Republic

Thanks to the Tropical greenhouse Fata Morgana you can walk through the rainforests of Africa, Madagascar, Philippines, South America and others within one day! You don’t need any anti-malaria tablets or special vaccinations, nor travel far away. It is located right in the heart of Europe – in Prague, Czech Republic.

The interior of the greenhouse is divided into three separated parts with different temperature and humidity. The visitors can see the vegetation of the tropical and partly subtropical regions. Plants are arranged to evoke the idea of ​​natural plant communities. Unlike in other greenhouses there are numerous species of plants that are very common in the tropical areas and apparently have little significance. However an overall collection of these species is very valuable.

Visitors at first see the dry Australian bush and rare flora from the island of Madagascar. Then walk through xerophilic vegetation of southern Mexico and some areas of Africa, among which the most popular are Namaqualand and Little Karoo. The middle and largest part of the greenhouse is humid lowland rain forest. It is connected to other parts by an underground tunnel which is built between two large freshwater aquariums. Here you can see a number of tropical fish and other animals.

The biggest part consists of tropical plants of South America, and selected locations of Central America. Other parts are reserved for flora of Australia and Oceania, Africa and Madagascar, Vietnam, Sunda Islands and the Philippines. Visitors can watch the life in tropical lakes, or may rest for a moment on the panoramic terrace listening to a nearby waterfall. The last part is cold and evoke the life in the high mountains. There are plants from American Andes. The central part of the exhibition is devoted to rare vegetation of table mountains in Venezuela.

Trip to tropical nature is not only a dream, any more. Walk across exotic mountains, forests and semi-deserts in Europe.

Tropical greenhouse Fata Morgana is a part of Prague’s Botanical Garden in Troja and the basic admission is 70CZK (€3). For further details see the official website of Prague’s Botanical Garden.

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