Thermal Spa Resort Podhájska – Dead Sea in the heart of Europe | Slovakia

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Thermal Spa Resort Podhájska - Dead Sea in the heart of Europe | Slovakia

Podhájska village is situated on the southern part of Pohronská hills at an altitude of 170 meters. It is one of the oldest villages in the Slovak Republic. You can find it in the triangle among Nitra, Levice and Nové Zámky, 12 km east of Šurany.

The water from local springs is unique worldwide with beneficial effects on the human organism. A detailed study showed that in some problems, especially asthma and various skin rashes, the water from Podhájska has the deeper and longer lasting regenerative effect than water from the Dead Sea.

Miracle Water
The research proved that the water comes from a Tertiary sea. Fish teeth, pollen grains of plants and other biological material that were found in the bottom layers prove the age of the source.

Medicinal effects
Slovak “Dead Sea” healed thousands of people. Curative effects of highly mineralized water are suitable especially for the patients with musculoskeletal system problems, respiratory tract diseases, skin eczema, psoriasis, digestive tract diseases – especially the pancreas and spleen disorders. The water contains phosphates and calcium, which is well for the after-treatment of fractures. Bromides alleviate pain. It has also positive effect on people suffering from rheumatism, vascular and articulation disorders, persistent pain in the spine. It helps the people suffering from osteoporosis, arthrosis and arthritis. The concentration of lithium helps to treat gout, a mixture of iodine stimulates the thyroid gland, flushing the eyes heals and improves eyesight.

The thermal springs can be used all year round. For those who wish to visit the thermal swimming pool for medical purposes, we recommend to do so in autumn, winter and spring, as the effect of this water is stronger. Beneficial effects of this thermal waters attract still more and more visitors from all over Europe.

Thermal Resort Podhájska experienced a huge boom in recent years, a complex has been expanded, modernized and renovated. Right in the complex there is also the possibility of accommodation.

There are 9 different pools with temperatures ranging from 30 to 38°C. There are plenty of refreshment options at various stalls and restaurants, excellent entertainment program for the kids. During summer vacations there is a very rich cultural program.

The basic admission is €5,50.

If you would not know what to do during these rainy and cold summer days, I think Thermal Resort Podhájska can be a great tip.

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