Unique tent as a transparent bubble. Luxury with nature at your fingertips | France

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Unique tent as a transparent bubble. Luxury with nature at your fingertips | France

Travellers can try another original overnight. In France, in one of the local parks in northern Roubaix, you can find an opportunity to sleep in special transparent bubbles.

Portable bubble rooms, made ​​from recycled plastics, are the work of French designer Pierre Stephane Dumas. He used following principles in designing: low energy, low material, maximum comfort and maximum interaction with the nature.

Bubble tents look a bit like glass balls for goldfish. The aim of these unusual transparent structures is to get people close to nature as much as possible. But the tents are luxuriously furnished – with wardrobe, tables, chairs, shelves and electric light.

“Many people do not have much opportunity to experience the night under the stars or watch the sunrise and sunset. In the classic tent or caravan it is not possible,” explained designer Pierre Stephane Dumas for the British Daily Mail, while last year featured the bubble tents on the market. “That’s why I suggested eccentric dwellings, which will allow candidates to experience these special moments,” he added.

The bubble is designed for two adults, but if necessary it can extend with a smaller bedroom for children. Romantics will appreciate the Milky Way on the ceiling.

You can book a bubble tent in three variants. CristalBubble is completely transparent, ensuring round views. For those who want to enjoy more privacy, there is the semi-transparent alternative with a transparent ceiling only, so residents are not visible from the outside. The most luxurious option is called BubbleLodge and rather than a tent or room it reminds comfortable apartment in which you can have even a bathroom.

For further details see the Official website Les cottages du parc.

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