Gap Years in Europe – Travel, Intern, Work, & Study

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If you are considering going travelling as a gap year break before, during or after university, then travelling around Europe could be the adventure you are looking for. With plenty of diverse countries to explore and no worries about getting inoculations against tropical diseases or being too far away from somebody who can speak English in an emergency, a European gap year could be just the right way to have the new experiences you want in a practical and safe way.

In many European countries, discounts are offered on flights and public transport cards for travellers under 25 or 26, sometimes as a matter of course, other times if you buy a specific “young person’s” travel card, which entitles you to the lower rate. This can be a big help getting around, so check out the information on the countries you’d like to visit to find out more.

Gap Years in Europe - Travel, Intern, Work, & Study
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Staying in youth hostels is a popular option for gap year travellers, as it is far cheaper than a hotel and allows you to meet other gap year students easily. These can be found in most major European cities.

If you venture out of the Euro zone on your gap year, make sure your bank card works abroad so you can withdraw money and use your debit card to avoid having to change between currencies all the time. You will probably need to notify your bank that you will be using the card in different countries too, as they tend to stop cards due to suspected fraud if not informed.

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