Orient-Express – travel through Europe in different way

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Do you want to spend your vacation in different way than you used to in the past? Or do you plan your holidays and would like to travel there by some special train? Without wasting your time, energy and effort at airports, or on traffic jam? Then you should consider Orient-Express! Orient-Express Hotels is limited company that operates special train in Europe.

This is the legendary Venice Simplon-Orient-Express train, which offers a completely different travel than any other trains in Europe. Come aboard and get better, more elegant way to travel around Europe.

Orient-Express - travel through Europe in different way

Romantic adventure, comfort and history are closely linked with the journeys that lead through Europe. Discover the amazing scenery on your way to the most attractive cities in Europe. Enjoy beautiful vintage cabins, gourmet cuisine and live entertainment on board of the iconic train and experience one of the world’s best travel moments.

Something from its history… The first such train left on 4 October 1883 from Gare de Strasbourg station in Paris through Romania, towards Constantinople (former name of Istanbul, Turkey). It had a small but elegant locomotive, as well as a baggage car, two very luxurious and large sleeping cars, a beautiful dining car with a smoking lounge and a car for personnel. It was called the “Orient Express” and drove about 40 passengers.

However at that time passengers had to travel by train, ferry, a local Romanian train and then by a boat to get to Constantinople. Few years later the new railways and bridges have been built in Romania, which allowed direct access from Paris through Budapest, Belgrade and Sofia to Constantinople. It was 2,900km long way and took 3 days and 3 nights.

Now you can still enjoy similar atmosphere and thoughts of those travellers on several main routes:

  • London – Paris – Innsbruck – Venice – Rome
  • London – Dresden – Krakow – Venice
  • Istanbul – Bucharest – Budapest – Venice
  • London – Paris – Frankfurt – Prague – Venice

Enjoy your journey like no other with Orient-Express! For further details see the official website of Orient-Express.

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