Biarritz Beach – a paradise for surfers and celebrities | France

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Biarritz is a paradise for surfers and celebrities. Those who didn’t travel to Saint Tropez certainly spend their holidays here. The resort offers both long sandy beaches and rocky coast. Biarritz is such a kind of a transition between the French and Spanish life, and therefore it is really unique destination. It retains its Basque traditions and culture.

Biarritz Beach - a paradise for surfers and celebrities | France
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In the 19th century it became a very popular place among European nobility, Napoleon III., Alfonso II. from Spain and others and still offers lots of attractions and vibrancy for the tourists. Can be said that Biarritz competes with Saint Tropez, however it offers much more than just beaches, casinos, bars and entertainment oriented only to spend money.

During the day you can sunbathe and watch the surfers on the Great Beach (Grande Plage). Along the beach is a trail where you can ride on roller skates, and in the evening you can try the luck at the Town Casino (Casino Municipal).

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Interesting places and buildings

Another town beach is Miramar where you can stay in a king of local hotels – luxury 5 star Hotel du Palais. It was built in 1848 by Emperor Napoleon III. Its lowest rate for single room is €300 per night, but you will surely feel like the emperor himself. A little farther, on the tip of St. Martin, you can see Biarritz lighthouse, dating back to 1831.

You should also visit the old whaling port which is no longer working, but the locals love it and keep its original appearance.

Be sure to go to Rocher de la Vierge (virgin reef), which resembles a tooth and offers really great view and atmosphere at sunset. To get here, you have to go through the bridge designed by Gustav Eiffel.

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  1. Ciara says:

    I have always curious about Biarritz beach. Its a dream of adventure lovers. Thanks for sharing lot of information about long sandy beaches and rocky coast.

    • admin says:

      France has lots of great beaches, but I like Mediterranean more. It’s much more secure than those in the ocean :)

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