Seafront Zeebrugge – a maritime amusement park in Belgium

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Seafront Zeebrugge is a marine amusement park in the town of Zeebrugge. It is located on the Belgian North Sea coast, about 110 km northwest of the capital city of Brussels. Amusement park is situated close to the port at the former fish market. The exhibition is divided into three parts.

Seafront Zeebrugge, Belgium
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Maritime theme park
The first exhibition called Maritime theme park is located in buildings of the former fish market. This exhibition is interactive and can be divided into several parts: Bruges and the sea, military-Zeebrugge harbor, fishermen earlier and now, the International port Zeebrugge or Pirate Paradise. Here you can take a closer look at the Zeebrugge port – its history and present, or at a hard life of fishermen and through the film into the depths of the sea.

Lightship West-Hinder II
The second exposure of Seafront Zeebrugge is Lightship West-Hinder II. It is the ship, which until recently served as navigation and was moored at a position at sea to mark the coast near the town of Nieuwpoort. You can walk through it, touch and learn more about the role of beacon ships.

The Russian submarine Foxtrot
The third exhibition is The Russian submarine Foxtrot. Submarines of this type were used until 1994. During your visit you will learn, how is the life in such submarine when it is filled up with 75 crew members.

Seafront Zeebrugge theme park is open every day from 10am to 6pm and in July and August to 7pm. Keep in mind that the tour of all three parts of the Seafront Zeebrugge takes about two hours. You can buy tickets up to one hour before closing time. Children up to one meter in height, accompanied by parents, have free entry. Children to 12 years pay €8.50, and adults €10.50. Special rates apply for the groups and Seafront Zeebrugge offers many other additional programs for schools and companies. The nearest tram stop is Zeebrugge Kerk. Parking is free right at Seafront Zeebrugge.

For further information, visit the official site of Seafront Zeebrugge.

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