Utena – one of the oldest settlements in Lithuania

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Utena is located in the eastern part of Lithuania and is considered one of the oldest settlements in the country. The city’s name has been firstly mentioned in the year 1261. There are four rivers flowing through the city – Vyžuona, Krašuona, Vieša and Utenele and you can find here also two lakes – Dauniškis and Vyžuonaitis.

Vilnius, Lithuania
Illustrative photo of nearby city of Vilnius – if you have actual photo of Utena, please let us know. Author: F H Mira

Utena today is mainly an industrial city with food and clothing factories. Especially famous is the local beer Utenos. Most of the streets, squares and public parks have been renovated in recent years and Utena becomes a favorite travel destination for those looking for both the quiet and sporty recreation. In 2007, despite its industrial orientation, was proclaimed the second most pleasant city to live in an international competition in the category of cities with ten to fifty thousand inhabitants. Utena have several extensive parks and many opportunities for recreation.

About 5 kilometres north of Utena you can visit the village Sirutenai where you will find Museum of Bells and Arts, which was founded by a local sculptor. Despite the efforts of the Soviets to destroy all the chapels, crucifixes and churches here at the roads they survived until today. You have to see 300 bells of all shapes and sizes.

Not far from Utena you can find another village Dusetos, which is known for the annual horse races on the frozen lake Sartai.

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