The best paragliding sites in Slovenia

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The south of Slovenia is an active nature paradise. In addition to other sport activities that Soča river Valley offers to sport lovers, paragliding fascinates an increasing number of those looking for adrenaline adventures. Paragliding in Slovenia means outstanding thermals, steep mountain slopes and unforgettable panoramic views offering top flying opportunities and long cross-country flights above the Julian Alps. Three major flying sites are placed in Kobala, Lijak, and Stol.

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It is a popular paragliding and hang gliding take off. Kobala is well known for its competition site and also for a great starting point for the long flights over the country around southern crest of the Julian Alps. The best conditions for long flights are with generally weak winds blowing from the north or east. However, the west wind, suitable especially for local flying, is more common.

Take off is a nicely maintained meadow on the pointed top of the forested Kobala hill at an altitude of 1080 metres above sea level. Two take off directions are possible depending on the direction of the wind. Suitable wind directions are: east, south-east, west and south-west.
GPS coordinates: N 46 10.86, E 13 46.76

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Lijak is one of the most popular flying sites in Slovenia. From Autumn to Spring it provides enough thermal activity for good flying. Unlike other take offs it is exposed to less sunlight related to the most favourable flying conditions with a weak general south-west wind.

This take off is a well maintained clearing in a forest located on the sharp edge of the Trnovo plateau at an altitude of 585 metres above sea level. The suitable wind directions are: south, south-east, south-west.
GPS coordinates: N 45 57.81, E 13 43.41

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Being set in the high Julian Alps peaks, Stol is a paradise for a paragliding pilot. Its over 20km long panoramic ridge tops provide extraordinary opportunities for long cross country flights and large scale competitions.

Ideal flying conditions are with a very weak general north or north-east wind for cross-country flying and a weak south-west wind for local moderate flying. Stol is the highest take off in Soca Valley. It is often found as the only take off above the inversion layer ideal for thermal flying.

This take off is a meadow in the middle of a vast, grassy mountain slope at he AMSL altitude of 1405m.
GPS coordinates: N 46 16.36, E 13 28.39

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All these three sites are hugely popular among the pilots from all over the Europe. Slovenia offers you unlimited paragliding possibilities for whatever you may be looking for from perfect holiday to the long cross country flights. Lots of paragliding schools head to Slovenia to enjoy their paragliding courses. In addition, top Czech manufacturer tests their famous glides there Axis paragliders.

Are you considering becoming a pilot yourself? Slovenia could be the right place for you. Check this offer! You will start your paragliding course by learning all necessary skills on the small hill. After 5 days of training you will move to Lijak, where you finish your course off by passing the final exam and flying in the Alps. In just eight days of intensive course, you may receive your pilot license that allows you to fly in most countries around the world.

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