Mumlava waterfalls – the most powerful waterfalls in Krkonoše mountains | Czech Republic

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Mumlava waterfalls are located in the northern part of the Czech Republic, on the river Mumlava, less than a kilometer north of the famous winter center of Harrachov. Mumlava waterfalls are formed by rocky stones with a height of up to 12 metres arranged in steps. They is the most powerful waterfalls in Krkonoše mountains.

Mumlava waterfalls, Harrachov, The Czech Republic
Photo licensed under the Creative Commons, created by Jaroslav Kuba

Near the waterfalls is located Mumlava shed – a restaurant. Falls are easily accessible on foot or by bike along the asphalt road, an access for motor vehicles is not allowed, so you will not be disturbed. From Mumlava waterfalls you can continue to Vosecká shed.

In the surroundings of Harrachov you can find more rivers offering the similar phenomena, such as waterfalls, but they certainly can not be compared with Mumlava waterfall. Its height reaches up to 8 meters and is 10 meters wide. The waterfalls are different in every season, so whether you come in summer, or spring, or any other time you will see them always in a different form.

On the way to Mumlava waterfalls you can visit the mining museum, which is accessible throughout the year. Or you can hike to any of the countless wonderful places in Krkonoše National Park.

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