All inclusive resorts in Greece – do not care about anything just relaxing

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Greece is a wonderful place to visit however as with any other vacation trips, planning takes a lot of time and effort. This can be solved by trying any of a number of all inclusive resorts.

Lutra Edipsou, Greece
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You can always opt to travel all inclusive resorts when going to Greece as there are several resorts offering this kind of package. One of them which is also the best-known is the Club Med resort which operates 4 resorts in Greece. The resort locations are in Athens, Kos, Gregolimano and Mare Nostrum. They actually pioneered the “all-inclusive” idea. However, you can now opt to choose if you want your rate to be all-inclusive or not. The Mark Warner’s Resort in Lakitira in the island of Kos as well as the San Agostino near Kalamata are some of their all-inclusive resorts. They have a wide array of water sports activities that you can enjoy during your stay in the resorts and if you have your children with you, services for childcare are available even for infants. However due to an economical crisis in Greece, Club Med is going to open only a resort in Gregolimano in 2012. So hurry up, maybe it is the last one of their all inclusive resorts in Greece and your last chance to enjoy their service here.

The Maris Hotels in Crete are also an option if you prefer to travel all inclusive resorts. They have seven hotels in the area which are all-inclusive but you can add on some more activities or meal options to make your trip more memorable and stress-free. Another all-inclusive resort in the south coast of the island of Crete is the Kalypso Cretan Village. You can choose from many options depending on how “inclusive” you want your rate to be. This resort offers water sports activities just like other island resorts however, what is unique to this place is that it was once a pirate’s haven. A stress-free vacation is assured when you travel all inclusive resorts so you don’t have to worry about anything.

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