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Corsica is one of the most interesting islands in Europe thanks to its interesting association with France and Italy. A province of France in many ways Corsica has a much more distinct Italian feel and has been battling for independence from France since 1974. The island has an incredibly rich and verdant landscape with stunning natural beauty, beautiful beaches and an incredible historical legacy. With that in mind I decided to take you on a quick tour of Corsica and everything it has to offer.

Ajaccio bay, Corsica, France
Photo licensed under the Creative Commons, created by Jean-Pol GRANDMONT


Ajaccio straddles a gorgeous bay and is very much a Riviera town with its spacious squares and elegant, upmarket marina. The towns are beautiful and tasteful with some fantastic restaurants and cafes. The 15th century Genoese citadel is a great place to wander and the muse Fesch is home to an incredible collection of renaissance paintings by Botticelli, Titian and Poussin. Of course the town’s beaches are a firm favourite with travellers and the Plage Trottel is the better of the two.

Le Golfe de Porto

Le Golfe de Porto region contains Corsica’s most beautiful landscapes and the blue bay and red cliffs make the area dramatic to say the least. The rock formations of Calanches de Piana are well worth visiting and the surrounding mountains and vast pine forests are a fantastic place to hike and enjoy yourself. Diving is also incredible here if you are feeling adventurous.


Calvi is perhaps the most impressive town of Corsica and it certainly has the most impressive history and architecture. The 6km sandy beach is the biggest draw for many but beyond that the town is incredibly impressive. The imposing citadel of Calvi against the mountainous backdrop is an incredible sight to behold. The town itself plays home to the Haute Ville full of twisting cobbled lanes and stairways and the medieval architecture and beautiful street cafes are a fantastic place to stroll and relax. Villas line the outer reaches of town as you head to some of the most beautiful countryside and the mountains.

Calvi, Corsica, France
Photo licensed under the Creative Commons, created by Pierre Bona


Corte lies at the base of a mountain range with stunning views and is one of the most idyllic locations of Corsica. The citadel and museum of Corsica make a great day trip and you can stroll the castle’s ramparts and enjoy a fantastic view. The town’s main street is a fantastic shopping and street café area with plenty of pokey boutiques and places to rest.


Bonifacio’s location is what makes it so incredible. Its perched along an isolated peninsula at the most southerly point of the island. The town has a unique identity and the huge citadel is a great place to explore before walking along to the marina. The beaches along the coast are incredible and well worth exploring.

Where to stay
There are plenty of accommodation options on the island from camping to all-inclusive resorts. The main towns have an abundance of hotels with some particularly good ones to be found in Calvi. Along the coast there are few large resorts but villas in Corsica along small bays and in small villages are fantastic. Camping lets you get into the heart of Corsican countryside and is a great option for hiking and walking.

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